Fleet Management

Streamline your e-fleet operations with our Fleet Management Solution. Efficiently manage and monitor vehicle locations, battery statuses, and speed usage at one glance.

Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor your vehicles’ locations in real-time.

Make informed decisions to optimise routes, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver safety.

Route Optimisation

Employ advanced algorithms to streamline routes, reduce travel time, fuel costs, and vehicle wear and tear.

Fleet Analysis

Gain comprehensive insights into your trips, including driver behavior, fuel consumption, and other key metrics.

Identify areas for improvement and optimise your fleet operations.

Driver Profiling

Track important metrics such as vehicle utilisation, energy consumption, and charging status.

Leverage this data to optimise your operations, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line.

Customised to your business needs


Access the current status of each asset, review past utilisation, and examine transaction history.

Gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business operations.


Maximise time and cost savings by analysing the utilisation of your assets.


Our platform utilises data captured by multiple systems to provide you with actionable insights.

Make informed decisions that improve your business operations and drive sustainable growth.

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