Accelerate the future of e-Mobility

Decarbonisation & Digitalisation with Data


Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Introducing FACTS, our Composable Digital Platform – the comprehensive solution for companies looking to achieve business growth through AI and analytics.

Productivity Uplift

Leverage the power of AI and analytics to make data-driven decisions

Top Line Growth

Identify new opportunities to expand into new markets or grow your existing ones

Cost Reduction

Optimise resource utilisation and leverage electrification to achieve cost savings

Regulatory Relief

Support your company’s green plan by helping you achieve decarbonisation and meet regulatory requirements

Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

Revolutionise the way you navigate the e-Mobility landscape with FACTS. Our solution seamlessly aggregates real-time data from EVs, Chargers, and Batteries, offering business intelligence insights.

Efficiently streamline your operations, minimising time, cost, and carbon emissions.
Make informed, data-driven decisions that not only accelerate your sustainability efforts but also provide a distinct competitive advantage.


Are You Ready to
Accelerate Your Business?

We’re excited to partner with you to drive the future of e-Mobility with data.

Share with us your requirements and let’s engage in a conversation to collaboratively shape a customised solution that aligns with your needs.


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