Charger Management

Optimise your EV chargers and increase convenience for your drivers. Our platform equips businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage their chargers, ensuring optimal operations.

Key Features

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor your charging points in real-time and gain insights necessary for smooth and efficient operations.

Charger Analysis

Our system tracks charging usage and provides detailed analytics that can help you optimise your charging network, reduce costs, and improve the overall charging experience.

Network Analysis

Conveniently initiate or halt charging sessions with the remote start/stop function, giving you greater control over your network.

Charging Point

Our system makes it easy for drivers to locate available chargers, reducing the time and effort required to find a charging station.

Hogging Analysis

Designed to automatically detect and resolve charging issues, our platform ensures chargers remain accessible to drivers.

Customised to your business needs

Easy to Use

Start and stop charging remotely with the click of a button and let the auto recovery function save you the hassle

Easy to Monitor

Monitor the status of your charging assets and analyse their utilisation to fully optimise your investment

Easy to Configure

Add new charging stations without any complicated procedures

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